Mold is a type of Fungus. When a lot of mold is growing on a surface, it often appears black, blue or green.
Mold needs water to grow. Since Mold decomposes dead organic material (cellulose, hemi-cellulose and lignin), it can grow on wood, paper (drywall) and other materials made from wood. Step One is to eliminate the water source that caused the breeding site for Mold.
Contact an Environmental Consultant. They will come to the site, determine the extent of cleanup necessary and provide a plan for remediation, however, don’t forget...Step One… eliminate the source of water causing the condition which began the situation.
Once you have a work plan, ACA can come to the site and discuss this plan and provide a bid for remediation.




With over 300 commonly used variations of asbestos-containing materials varying from ceiling and floor tiles, insulation products, wallboard compounds, adhesives, cement boards, wall siding and roofing products; a thorough survey is necessary to be certain asbestos is present.
In the State of New York, the regulation mandates that an Asbestos Survey be performed prior to any renovation or demolition (See link below). If you are unfamiliar with a professional to perform a survey, ACA can provide references from our trusted list of Industrial Hygienists who would be appropriate for you needs. NYSDOL-Survey-Details-56-5
Once you have this comprehensive survey, ACA will come to your site and discuss your needs. Whether it is complete abatement of all materials identified or to help create a phased, prioritized plan, our 30 years of experience with thousands of projects will aid you at this point in the process.
With all the variations of asbestos in old buildings, there are often disturbances. It is highly critical that appropriate and lawful protocols be implemented to remedy the situation. ACA has developed the attached sheet to assist our clients. ACA Contamination Assessment Info Sheet




(Please note this FAQ has a focus on Construction Industry exposure and not Childhood Lead poisoning)

If Lead-based Paint is found to be existing, it is necessary that the Owner/Client, in conjunction with their Environmental Consultant, determine the extent to which remediation needs to be performed. This is a function of the intended renovation and/or demolition. Once this plan is prepared, ACA can provide a proposal for the work to be performed.
OSHA has set compliance standards for the lead-control industry and mandate that these standards be implemented when a lead abatement project is being performed. This is defined as, “any action which includes the preparation, cleanup, disposal, removal of lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust”.
ACA’s primary lead remediation services are those related to the Construction industry in non-residential structures. Examples of recent projects range from lead safe demolition practices, stripping of historical elements, spot removals to facilitate structural repairs and lead-dust containment.
Once the Building owner provides a USEPA Generator ID Number and TCLP Sample analysis results, ACA can coordinate the lawful disposal of waste.