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Diversified Services


ACA has been in the asbestos abatement business since 1984. We are known as one of the Premiere contractors in the most demanding of metropolitan markets because of our vast knowledge and ingenuity in this field. ACA has performed thousands of projects ranging from ongoing emergency response activities to multi-city block abatements.


ACA has been the contractor of choice for mold remediation of very delicate and valuable artwork under highly secure conditions.  In addition to the trustworthy nature of out firm, ACA is often selected because of rapid response. Timeliness is often the eradication of mold.  With the onset of New York State regulations in January 2016, ACA is well ahead of the curve with licensed technicians and a decade of proven performance.


Lead-Based Paint

ACA has been at the forefront of the Lead-Based Paint Industry since our development of ACA Environmental Services, Inc., in 1996.  Many times, during asbestos abatement projects we are requested to integrate spot removal of lead-based paint to assist in structural repairs. Because our experience is varied and our techniques refined, ACA is often chosen for complicated situations.

PCB & Universal Waste

Universal and other hazardous waste solutions are often prompted by building demolition or the complete interior demolition of a structure. During this process, ACA has been retained to package, reclaim, recycle and lawfully dispose of fluorescent bulbs, batteries, mercury devices, electronic wastes, PCB/non-PCB ballasts. Further, PCB caulk abatement is often combined with the asbestos abatement portion of our services.

Decontamination Services

ACA offers specialized cleaning and decontamination services performed using area containments, air filtration, scrubber systems, specialized tools and chemicals with advanced trained professionals.

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